Benevolent Gun-Wielding Robbers Strike Excelsior

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Some licenses the mugger can keep...
A San Francisco man was robbed Monday in the shadow of McLaren Park by a miscreant toting a gun -- but said miscreant was also toting a heart.

The victim told police he was standing with his key in the lock of his front door on the 1700 block of Burrows Street when he happened to notice a couple of men standing behind him. One of those men happened to be holding a black, semiautomatic handgun. This was not a visit from the Jehovah's Witnesses.

When the gun-toting man wordlessly pointed the firearm at the victim, he handed over his wallet. But -- in a clear violation of common sense -- the victim begged the robbers to at least give him his driver's license. But they did more than that.
The victim told police that, not only did the gunmen give him his license, they also handed him all of his credit cards before running off.

You can file this in the "Could Have Gone Much Worse" department -- and, for the record, attempting to bargain with a gunman is a questionable move. If nothing else, however, it makes for an excellent yarn. We still tell a story about an event that happened years ago to a pal on the New York City subways. Mugged at knifepoint in the wee hours, he angrily told the assailant "you could at least leave me a token so I can get home." The mugger laughed and said "I like your style, kid," before flipping him a token.

If years of barroom storytelling outweigh the possibility of violence from a well-armed and potentially deranged person -- well, bargain away.

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