Local Blogger Takes (Some) Credit For FBI Release Of Michael Jackson Files

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Sunshine act
The FBI finally released hundreds of pages of classified documents related to pop star icon Michael Jackson, who died in August, detailing various investigations, including threats of a terrorist attack against Jackson.

And local rabble-rouser Michael Petrelis wants to take credit for getting the FBI documents released so quickly and efficiently.

In his blog, entitled the Petrelis Files, he states that after Jackson died in August, he had field a Freedom of Information Act request with the FBI for copies of all records on Jackson.  That same month,Petrelis says got a reply from the FBI stating there were 600 pages on Jackson stored in the archives.
Today, the feds released about half of the classified documents to the public. To put this in perspective, Petrelis notes that he is still waiting to get FBI files on the late Sen. Jesse Helms.

"I believe my FOIA request played a significant role in this quick release," Petrelis writes in his blog. "The agency doesn't move so quickly on retrieving, reviewing and sharing files on other public figures."

FBI officials have not yet returned phone calls, however, a press release on the web site says the documents were released due to FOIA requests.  However, other news outlets report that the documents were released in response to FOIA requests by multiple media outlets.

There are power in numbers. And pop stars.

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