Seen In San Francisco: Soccer Head!

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Joe Eskenazi
Clamber onto the Muni train after a night at the bars and see this guy and, for a moment, you'll wonder what it is they slipped in your drink. But then you'll be reassured (and still drunk) because you read SF Weekly. And you know that's Zack Phillips, the photogenic founder of RollerSoccer.

Photo via Rollersoccer.
From behind.
As we wrote before:

Phillips -- a former General Electric capital business analyst (who must have been damn good because his bosses let him keep coming into work looking like this) -- took the idea and ran with it. Well, actually he skated with it. Within weeks, he'd organized games of "ZackBall" (later RollerSoccer) among his San Francisco friends. By 1996, he'd spread the sport around the nation and even to Hong Kong and Taiwan (his old job had him traveling a lot). He even inaugurated a worldwide RollerSoccer governing body and inaugurated a World Cup (hey, the U.S. won last year!).

You think you'd see Sepp Blatter on the train (or with a haircut like that?)? This city has its upside.
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