Say It Ain't So! USF Rugby Considers Shaving the Maniacal Mustache Look.

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Too brilliant to last?
Last season, the University of San Francisco's rugby squad lost every game it played -- including a drubbing by a San Jose State team that hadn't won a game in five years. But USF looked great

How's that? While the "Defenders of the Faith" weren't the most adept rugby team, they could lay claim to being the wittiest. In their team photos, apropos of nothing, the men sported a variety of bizarre fake mustaches. Styles included "Super Mario," "Insane Third-World Dictator," and "Lothar of the Hill People." It was fantastic.

But, however brilliant, it may have been fleeting. Team membership chair (and prop -- that's a position) Vincent Nunez says the Defenders aren't sure if they'll don the mustaches again this year. Say it ain't so, Vince!

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Stick with the 'Stache!
"That was last year," he maintained, regarding the mustaches. When asked if massive public input could induce the team to re-up its mustache motif, he answered in the negative. "It'll be decided within the club."

As for the fortunes of a team coming off 1-6, 1-5, and 0-7 seasons, Nunez said this year "looks much better."

Guess that depends on how you feel about mustaches.

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