Note To the Egg Nog-Sloshed: Get Ready To Get Nailed By Holiday Sobriety Checkpoints

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Not just Santa Claus is coming to town this holiday, folks. State, federal and city law
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On the 12th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, a DUI from the SFPD....
enforcement will be out in force for 17 days starting this weekend to nail your drunk ass if you get behind the wheel after downing too many holiday libations.

Tomorrow, the SFPD with their friends from the United States Park Police, San Francisco Community College District Police and the California Highway Patrol will be setting up sobriety checkpoints at three locations in the city. It's the first of three dates throughout the holiday season: the others are December 27th (to catch the depressed post-Christmas drunks), and January 3 (for the depressed post-New Year's drunks).

The checkpoint locations will remain undisclosed until two hours before they begin at 8:30 p.m., when the campaign's spokeswoman, Jan Ford, agreed to call and snitch. To the Snitch.
The checkpoints are just the piece de resistance of a 17-day prolonged crackdown on drunk drivers that is rather confusingly named "AVOID." What exactly are we supposed to be AVOIDing? AVOIDing the checkpoints? AVOIDing police?

"You can AVOID us by driving stone cold sober every single time," Ford said. 

Still an odd title, but let's move on. Ford told us there will be lots of officers to AVOID over the 17-day sting: the SFPD will be saturating the city with officers looking for probable cause to pull over drivers, and The California Highway Patrol will be out in force on Christmas and New Year's weekend. They're looking for drivers who swerve, stop short of the crosswalk or out in intersection, or any of the other whack things drunks do. Last year, the campaign nabbed 121 DUI suspects.

So if all you want for Christmas is freedom from endless dates at the DMV, high insurance rates, and thousands of dollars in fines, don't drink and drive. And check back with the Snitch to get the checkpoint locations.
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