On Eve of 'Gavin's Law' Debate, Supes Gallivant Around City, Security-Free

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Gavin Newsom -- all alone
At tomorrow's Rules Committee meeting, a measure will come up for debate about how city officials should be mandated to reimburse the city for security costs when they travel out of town. Gavin Newsom's name isn't mentioned in this bit of Ross Mirkarimi legislation -- fittingly, Newsom is out of town -- but, then, his name is all over it.

Mirkarimi has long chided the mayor for refusing to reveal his security costs -- as do other mayors. The cops won't budge, either. They say to give away dollars-and-cents figures compromises the mayor's safety (Mad Wild Terrorist No. 1: "He spends only $300,000 on security costs!" Mad Wild Terrorist No. 2: "He is a dead man. A dead man, I say!").

So, along with Supervisors David Campos, John Avalos, and Chris Daly, Mirkarimi has introduced what my colleague Benjamin Wachs has christened "Gavin's Law." And while the sight of Newsom perambulating around City Hall is something of a rarity -- and the notion of him wandering by himself nearly unthinkable -- a recent trip to City Hall resembled a petting zoo. But with supes substituting for goats and lambs.

Who was that tall guy with the frizzy hair who glanced at his cell phone with a sour look as if some ballplayer's popped knee had just ruined his fantasy team? Why, it was Supervisor Sean Elsbernd tooling around on McAllister! That happy guy who held open the door for a colleague and skipped down the Van Ness side steps with so much elan you'd swear he was about to burst into a musical number? Board President David Chiu.

I realize that spotting city leaders at City Hall is akin to (my favorite analogy) pulling a rabbit out of a rabbit hutch. But, considering tomorrow's Rules Committee fare, this was a bit eerie. No news on how much Elsbernd's "Don't Talk To Me" scowl cost the body politic.

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