Ninjas Prowl San Francisco, Fighting Crime, Promoting Gaming Web Site

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Independent journalist Katie Baker last month posed a question on the SF Appeal online newspaper that's been bugging a few San Franciscans: Have the Guardian Angels  been solving enough mysteries and making enough citizens' arrests to suit fashionable young San Franciscans?

"Many of the people (the San Francisco Guardian Angels) chapter strives to protect do not understand how, exactly, they are being protected," wrote Baker, a recent college graduate.

Within weeks, a solution to the insufficiently aggressive vigilante patrol problem materialized along the San Francisco waterfront.
    Will evil-doers enter San Francisco through this phalanx of Ninjas? We think not.

Guardian Angels are a non-profit volunteer group of unarmed citizen patrols.

      Here's Guardian Angels founder Curtis Silwa looking less than menacing.

Ninjas, meanwhile, are covert agents and mercenaries of feudal Japan, specializing in guerrilla warfare techniques such as sabotage, infiltration, and assassination
Here's a Ninja throwing a sign understood only by other Ninjas. Is he going to assassinate somebody?

Guardian Angels loiter on trains and street-corners in red berets. Ninjas, at least the ones patrolling San Francisco Monday, perform scary waterfront break dance moves in order to stop malfeasance before it starts.
Notice how the woman in the background isn't trying anything funny? Thanks, Ninja!

Guardian Angels can be recognized by the way they scowl with their arms crossed.
    Ooooh, scaaaaaaaary!

The Ninjas guarding San Francisco Monday, meanwhile, await danger suspended horizontally from sign posts.
Don't try anything, buster, or this Ninja will swing around and bust a feudal Japanese move on you.
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