Scott James Readers, Meet Kemble Scott

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Kemble Scott and Scott James
 Scott James, the author of The New York Times' Barbary Coast column, is probably the most cutting edge journalist to penetrate the Bay Area media scene in some time.

He's blown up the blogosphere and riled various segments of the community with his columns that have captured some controversial quotes, most notably from Vallejo Mayor Osby Davis, a devout follower of Assemblies of God. In his Nov. 20 column about the influence of evangelical churches in local politics, James quotes Osby talking about homosexuals: "They are committing sin and that sin will keep them out of heaven. But you don't hate the person you hate the sin that they commit."

What Scott James readers might not know is that he is also the bawdy fiction writer, Kemble Scott, who has allured readers with his descriptive passages of bareback sex scenes and S&M in his two novels, SoMa and The Sower.

So why the two names?

"It's not a secret identity," James says. "It's more about identifying what is Scott James fact-based and what is Kemble Scott fiction."

And given the subject matters, it seems appropriate to make the distinction.

He took the name Kemble from a friend whose last name is Kemble. It was back in 1997, when he had just moved to San Francisco and launched his literary e-zine Soma Literary Magazine. He was writing stories on the site and trying out different pen names, but it was Kemble Scott that really stuck when he started writing novels.

"I've never heard of the first name so I knew it would be distinct," he said.

Even though the writer has two brands there is one thing Kemble Scott and Scott James have in common -- they both know how to stir the pot.

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