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Is this elf even unionized?
Rock! Roll! Real estate! Are you ready for a news quiz? Well, here it is anyway.

1. What San Francisco rock musician unloaded his Pac Heights mansion for nearly $9 million?

A. Mickey Hart, Grateful Dead
B. Carlos Santana
C. Les Claypool, Primus
D. Kirk Hammet, Metallica
E. Neil Young

2. The SEIU yesterday held another demonstration protesting pending layoffs. This, however, was a Christmas-themed demonstration. According to advance material, all of the following would be on hand to support labor's cause -- except who?

A. Elves
B. Tiny Tim
C. The Grinch
D. Gavin Newsom

3. The city's Animal Care and Control this week announced they are inundated with:

A. Mice -- the building is infested
B. Animal hoarders relentlessly adopting pets
C. Tiny dogs
D. Pit bulls
Like we said, sandbags can be very useful
4. Around a week ago, the city announced it would hand out up to 10 30-pound sandbags to anyone who wants to stave off flooding of his or her home. As of mid-week, around how many people had availed themselves of the city's generous offer?

A. 11
B. 110
C. 1,100
D. 11,000

5. Insufferable fans of what school figure to inundate San Francisco on Dec. 26?

A. Duke
C. Notre Dame
D. Miami

6. What marvelous prize received a bid of $800 at a San Francisco Bicycle Coalition fund-raiser -- compared to just $500 for dinner and a bike ride with influential Board of Supervisors president David Chiu?

A. Handcuffs signed by Jenna Jameson
B. Burning Man tickets and S'mores
C. A standing invitation to Bevan Dufty's daughter's Bat Mitzvah
D. A bicycle actually used in the film Breaking Away
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