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They compared me to what?
Stabbing! Suing! Slashing Services! That's the week it was, here's the quiz it is.

1. What did kids discover Tuesday in a sandbox at the Visitacion Valley Playground?

A. A bag containing 14 pounds of Marijuana
B. Gavin Newsom
C. A loaded gun
D. Nothing -- someone had stolen all of the sand

2. Guess what? Public Defender Jeff Adachi was asking for money again at City Hall. This time the Supes told him:

A. No
B. No
C. No
D. No

3. An SPCA gimmick allowing San Franciscans to adopt cats for as little as $10 compared felines to what?

A. Popcorn
B. Shrimp
C. Cars
D. Poker chips

stabbing suspect.jpg
A memorable gentleman...
4. Which one of these was actually part of the description given to the public of the alleged Muni stabber?

A. Pronounced acne
B. Strong body odor
C. Malformed feet
D. Missing left thumb

5. Bobby Brown, the suspect charged in the aforementioned Muni stabbing case, is no stranger to law enforcement. Which of these wasn't in his rap sheet?

A. Punching a woman on BART
B. Indecent exposure
C. Assault with a deadly weapon
D. Unlawfully disturbing a wild and dangerous animal -- to wit: bears

6. A pair of San Franciscans this week received back what items that had been confiscated by the police?

A. Medical Marijuana paraphernalia
B. Laptop computers
C. Seeing-eye dogs
D. Ceremonial daggers

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