What Do Michela Alioto-Pier and Chris Daly Have in Common? They Want the Mayor to Have Less Power

via San Francisco Board of Supervisors
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It looks like one of Mayor Gavin Newsom's reliable political friends, Supervisor Michela Alioto-Pier, is getting aboard the train to peel away at Mayor Gavin Newsom's political powers.

The District 2 Supervisor has proposed a ballot measure that would essentially strip Newsom's omnipotence over appointments to the San Francisco Film Commission. The proposal, which is headed to the June 8 ballot, would, among other things, grant the Board of Supervisors power to appoint five of the 11 members on the Film Commission.

While it's not unusual for lefty progressives on the board to attempt to dilute the mayor's power using "split-appointments" on commissions, it is unexpected is for his ally Alioto-Pier to initiate a proposal like this. 

So then what's up with her Chris Daly impression?

"It feels a little out of the blue," says Jim Ross, a San Francisco political consultant. "I don't know what's behind it."

What we do know is that Alioto-Pier is an active supporter of the city's Film Commission and worked hard on creating a film rebate program. Maybe she was a little vexed by Newsom's decision to fire Stefanie Coyote, the executive director of the city's Film Commission.

Bill Barnes, legislative aide to Alioto-Pier, says the supervisor's plan is just an attempt at creating good policy.

So not a big F-you to the mayor?.

"That's not the point," Barnes says. "The supervisor and the mayor get along most of the time. It's not to change the relationship between the board and the mayor."

Maybe it's not meant to, but it probably will.

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