Is Potty Arsonist Back?

Last year, 27 portable toilets went up in flames in San Francisco, and nobody knows why. In the absence of any explanation, we made some shit up. But the terrifying reality is that some nefarious toilet igniter is still out there, perhaps targeting his or her next defenseless shitter at this very minute.

We say that because after a nine-month hiatus, the firestarter has seemingly launched on another spree, lighting up two crappers in the past several weeks. The most recent incident occurred on Friday inside a porta-potty on the 600 block of Haight, to which the police and fire departments both responded around 3:45 a.m.

"The two inspectors from arson are definitely working on following up on anything they can with the most recent porter potty arson," said police spokeswoman Lieutenant Lyn Tomioka. She couldn't say whether the two recent incidents were connected to last year's mass destruction, but she did admit that portable toilet arson was "pretty unique." 
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