iPhone Users Unable to Get Service on BART in the Transbay Tube

 iPhone users have a new reason to be pissed off at AT&T

via flickr by Jason-Morrison
AT&T was supposed to be one of the many phone carriers that activated their networks so that its customers could use their phones and laptops seamlessly as the travel through the Transbay Tube between Oakland and San Francisco starting this week.

But AT&T users were still offline during that 10 minute stretch between Oakland and San Francisco during this morning's commute.

Despite erroneous media reports that BART was offering wi-fi in the Tube, it is actually up to the carriers to activate the network service for its customers, BART officials said.

"I have been told that AT&T is having problems with its 3G network down there," says BART spokesman Linton Johnson.


AT&T officials got back to us saying the company has a little more "tweaking and testing" before it can get it up and running for its customers.

So it will be a few more days before AT&T users/BART riders can fire up their phones and laptops while traversing under the Bay.

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