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Yeah we get it, we don't want to be at work either. Our families miss us, God is angry we're not attending church, and we're probably blogging this from an airport while buying our significant other presents at the duty free.

So we were not that surprised to open up our mobile browser this morning to see this (we added the Perez Hilton-esque "Phones It In") :

Screen shot 2009-12-24 at 11.05.27 AM.png

Yes, the "Google" is somewhat implied in the above image because by now each of us has seen it a billion times, plus we just typed it into our mobile browser. But honestly, what kind of a concept is "stack a bunch of random Christmas card images on top of your already existing logo." It's not even remotely legible.

When we complained over complaint-central (a.k.a Twitter) this morning, Ning Community Manager Laura Gluhanich expressed that she couldn't design something better. Neither could we, but at least we could achieve that lukewarm "pile a bunch of holiday related shit on your logo" effect, especially after reading the designer's handy guide to Photoshop layers.

Our attempts with various other holiday-themed items below:

Candy Canes

candycanes copy.jpg

A Little Something For the Non-Observers


And of course ...

Hot Chicks in Santa Hats


We dare you to click "I'm feeling lucky."

Update: Google added a sixth card to the mix at 12:00 AM, Christmas Day.  The "space ship meets peace sign on the moon" imagery still is way too conceptual for our tastes.

Screen shot 2009-12-25 at 2.11.00 AM.png
Peace on Google Earth, we guess.

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