Every Young Husband's Nightmare Acted Out in Viz Valley

Categories: Crime
Ideally, when you stare into your new bride's eyes, you may not be thinking it but you will be feeling it: I love thee, I love but thee; with a love that shall not die; till the sun grows cold and the stars grow old. That's Shakespeare. He was good.

You never think that things will go so badly you'll have to call the police and they'll file a report and send it out on a newsletter to journalists. And yet -- it happens.

On Sunday morning at not quite 7 a.m., a Visitacion Valley man "awoke to the sound of his ex-wife yelling outside his house." That's a terrible thought right there, but it got worse.

According to the subsequent police report, the "suspect" demanded entry and threatened to break a window if not accommodated. Before the hapless husband could act one way or the other he "heard the crashing of a window being broken and looked to see his ex-wife drop a rock and walk away."

In this city you'll find any manner of tragedies involving death, woe, poverty, and filth. But this -- this is just horribly sad.

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