Cops: Gun Pulled in Roommates' Argument Over Heater

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This could get ugly...
Earlier this week, a couple of climate scientists told SF Weekly that, yes, this is cold weather -- for Northern California. People in Rochester wouldn't even be wearing a coat right now.

Well, don't tell that to residents of Bernal Heights. Police on Wednesday were alerted to reports of a person wandering the neighborhood with a firearm. It turns out the gun-toting gentleman had just exited with haste from his own residence -- where an argument with a roommate allegedly escalated to the point the gun was brandished and an aggravated assault occurred.

The roommates' bone of contention? Whether the heater should be turned up or turned off. 


As SF Weekly has documented in the past -- it doesn't always take a matter of earth-shattering importance for folks to whip out guns here in San Francisco.

In this case, the victim provided a description of the suspect -- "cold" may have been one of the adjectives used. Police quickly spotted him in his car; a search warrant was obtained and the suspect was arrested for aggravated assault with a gun.

No news on how well-heated the police station was.

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