Cindy Sheehan to Install Anti-Obama Camp at Washington Monument

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Camp Casey at Crawford, Texas, will be erected in Washington

Looking back at the aughts, who can forget indelible images of a war and a president that should never have been, and the makeshift camp set up outside President George W. Bush's Texas ranch at Crawford Texas that challenged them both.

For those feeling nostalgic about the past decade, fret not: It's apparently not going away.

Energizer Bunny war protester Cindy Sheehan, who last year ran for Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco congressional seat, plans to set up a new anti-war camp near the Washington Monument to protest ongoing conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"It's true," Sheehan said in an e-mail, adding that she couldn't discuss her plans until after our deadline.    .

In 2005, during George W. Bush's five week vacation at Prarie Chapel Ranch near Crawford, Texas, Sheehan pitched a tent by the side of the road near the ranch's entrance demanding an audience with the president at which she would ask questions about the Iraq war, where her son Casey was killed.

She then rode a wave of fame to become the country's most prominent war protester. In 2008 Sheehan campaigned to unseat Nancy Pelosi. The House of Representatives Speaker had not moved to impeach President Bush, Sheehan said.

Now she's announced she will establish a Washington D.C. based tent village like the one she built at Crawford.

Angered by President Barack Obama's war-justifying Nobel Prize acceptance speech, Sheehan said she will re-establish Camp Casey near the Washington Monument, setting up tents, and demanding that her anti-war message be heard.

"At first I believed that the Republicans were the war party, but it became increasingly clear to me that it doesn't matter what party a president is -- the policies of war continue on," Sheehan told the Fort Worth Star Telegram, for a Dec. 20 story. "He should devise a plan for troop withdrawal that is as speedy as safely possible and combine economic growth and democracy building in our occupied countries with a speedy withdrawal. No occupations will save billions of dollars a month and maybe our economy could start to improve, too."

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