SantaCon Revelers Drenched, Pointless, Ignored -- Yet Festive

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What could possibly threaten the humor of Dadaist Santas? Try torrential rain. Saturday was SantaCon, an international festival of irrational exuberance where people dress in Santa Claus costumes and converge by agreement at various bars around the globe. The event is said to have begun in San Francisco. But the weather here was more ho-rrible than ho, ho, ho.

​    Cruddy weather, reasonably jolly spirits.

Still, revelers seemed keen to make the best of things, a quest enhanced by bar-hopping. Here's a terrorist Santa and his friend on Market Street.
​     What, exactly, does he plan on blowing up?

     Women in Saint MILFolas attire were out in force.
​     For some reason, the guy Santas were a lot frumpier than the gals. 

The event was all about being seen. This camera-wielding Santa was glad to help, adding post-modern meta to the event's absurdist Dada.
​     Meta-data, meet meta Dada.

     Despite Saturday's torrential downpour, SantaCon artists struggled to keep the joke of randomly-assembled Santas funny.
​     Get it? We're Santas. Like Christmas, but bar hopping.
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