Apple Settles With Company That Took a Bite Out of It

You may remember our Nov. 11 cover story, "Worms in the Apple," about a pair of brothers who run a company called Psystar. Robert Pedraza cracked the code behind the Apple operating system, OS X, and he and his brother started selling Mac "clones" at a price far less than that of the computer giant.

Needless to say, Apple was none too pleased, and they filed a lawsuit against the pair.

On Nov 13, a judge fell on the side of Apple, and it seemed like the Pedraza hopes would soon be crashed.

But this morning, Psytar issued a surprise announcement, stating that Apple had agreed to partially settle and that the boys may even be allowed to continue selling their Not-Macs.

Our sister blog, Riptide 2.0 of Miami New Times, has a longer piece about the settlement here.
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