SF Maid Service's Pitch for Hard Times: Use Us, Or You Might Be Murdered

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We knew times were hard, but it wasn't until we tried to hire a housecleaner to prepare for an in-laws visit that we realized how bad they were.

Local cleaning service Marvel Maids apparently wants your business so bad they're willing to scare the shit out of you to get it.

Their home page is dominated by the slogan: "Is saving money worth your life? Click here to read about the house cleaner who murdered."
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The warning links to the page www.marvelmaids.com/murder, and features a 2007 Chicago news story about a housecleaner who, after five years working for a Northwest side pastor, killed and robbed him.

"It's just to re-iterate the point of how important it is to make sure you know who's coming into your house," said Sherri Jessen of Marvel Maids.

Do people really get murdered by maids much?
"That's something that does happen," Jessen said. "That's something that a lot of people don't even think about, the extreme things that can happen when they're not careful who they hire. It's a good thing to get you thinking. Obviously, it got you thinking."
It actually got me thinking that Marvel Maids has found a way for companies to scare their way out of the 2009 recession.
Yahoo! just announced it would shut down for a week to cut costs. Instead it should have pointed customers to a 2007 story about New Jersey woman who used Yahoo!'s competitor Google to search the phrase "how to commit murder" before actually standing trial on charges she murdered her husband.
Is allowing family members to enjoy comprehensive, accurate searches worth your life? Block Google from all your family's computers and switch to Yahoo!

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