Two More S.F. Cars Burned; Third In Two Days

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San Francisco Police spokesman Sergeant Wilfred Williams has told SF Weekly that details are sketchy regarding the pair of vehicles charred at Sixth and Jessie at around 5:15 this morning. It is unclear at this time if this fire is related to any other car-immolating sprees around the city and Bay Area -- so many to choose from -- or if this is the start of a new one.

More than 20 cars have been burned this month in the East Bay, and, closer to home, more than a dozen were lit ablaze over the summer here in San Francisco. Meanwhile, only a day before this morning's fires, a car went up in flames in the Sunset/Parkside neighborhood.

While Police arson Inspector Jeffrey Levin told SF Weekly that he's "convinced" 62-year-old homeless woman Fafa Chan is to blame for the summer's arson spree, even he had to admit the timing of some of those fires -- set within minutes of each other, miles apart, by a woman without a car -- was challenging. Meanwhile, Chan's lawyer, Deputy Public Defender Matt Rosen, said the police continually dangling his client's name to the media as a suspect in the car arsons -- without providing any evidence -- may be hampering her ability to have a fair trial locally for an unrelated arson charge.

More on the fires du jour as we know more.

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