Seen In San Francisco: Bird Craps on Organic Vegetables

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Joe Eskenazi
Well, it's still all-natural...
In small towns, men can come to blows arguing the merits of Ford or Chevy pickup trucks. Closer to home, Apples and PCs can engage in nasty exchanges (and ad campaigns). But if you really want to see the fur fly, start people going on organic vs. regular fruits and vegetables.

In the course of close to two decades of interviews, I've met some, shall we say, devoted adherents of all things organic. And I also spoke with a decorated cancer researcher who told me, damn near verbatim, that anyone who drives an extra mile to go to the organic produce market is only risking death in a traffic accident.

One thing everyone must agree on, however, is that organic does not necessarily equal clean. This can be demonstrated neatly by the above photo, of a bevy of delightful organic peppers which have been peppered by a passing bird.

It's more than Swine Flu that you can stave off by washing food, friends.


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