Seen In San Francisco: A California Noel With AT&T Park's Christmas Palm Trees

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Xmas Palm Tree 002.jpg
Joe Eskenazi
Workers string Christmas lights on AT&T Park's palm trees, proving once and for all we cannot ever say "It's cold today!" in this city with a straight face
My uncle from Brooklyn with a way with words once described a New York City winter to me thusly: "I looked outside and I didn't see a single degree."

He also didn't see palm trees doubling as Christmas trees. It wasn't that kind of neighborhood; on Purim the Chassids dressed in chicken suits and laid on the horn while driving each other down the street, perched, precariously, on the hoods of the cars. Naturally, it was too damn cold for palm trees.

So it's always a blast to see Christmas palm trees here in San Francisco. Some may lament the lack of astounding fall colors here, the patent inferiority of a Rain Man to a Snow Man, the lack of winter show-shoveling exercise, and the utter foreignness of the concept of a snow day. I concede. Those all seem great.

But Christmas palm trees and shirtsleeves in late November? That's the San Francisco treat.

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