Ridiculously Cute Dog Recovers From Surgery in Style

Categories: SF Oddities
Joe Eskenazi
Hello Patty
In this city even a digital camera can't contain all the images of microscopic dogs outfitted in outlandish accoutrements. But this -- this is astounding. And, what's more, there's actually a good reason for it.

Meet Patty, a remarkably mellow Pomeranian. She's not bedecked in a Snuggie-like Elizabethan collar just because it looks adorable. She's recovering from leg surgery and this getup is meant to keep her from gnawing on herself.

Patty's owner -- well, actually these are her daughter's dogs, making them her granddogs -- Yuen Byun didn't want Patty to hog the spotlight, though:

Joe Eskenazi
Coco, left, Patty, right, and owner Yuen Byun out for their morning constitutional

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