Real Estate Magnate Clint Reilly Returns to Political Roots, Will Direct Campaign For State Constitutional Convention

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Clint Reilly
Ace political consultant turned politician turned real-estate baron Clint Reilly is going back where he started, signing up to lead a political campaign for the first time in more than a decade.

John Grubb, a spokesman for the Bay Area Council, confirmed what SF Weekly had heard through the grapevine: Reilly will direct his first campaign in 14 years in leading the charge for a state constitutional convention.

"I can't discuss details of his contract," said Grubb. "But let's just say we're getting a really good deal for the advice we're getting."

The Bay Area Council is a consortium of the region's 75 largest employers, including folks you've heard of such as Google, Yahoo, Wells Fargo, BART, The Chronicle -- and Clint Reilly.

Messages for Reilly have not yet been returned. But Grubb had an interesting rationale of why the BAC would, in essence, opt to play its coming political match with a wooden tennis racquet. 

"In this business, all of the political consultants out there come with a list of political enemies," said Grubb. "When you work with a consultant, you are basically picking your firends and enemies. So the benefit is we are working with someone who is actually friends with lots of people now. He hasn't been in the business [for a long time] and there's been a lot of peacemaking and new friendships. We'd prefer to have everyone with us."

It's an interesting point -- but you can only take it so far. In his own writings, Reilly has adamantly stated that, in order to set this state straight, "First, we must elect a Democratic governor in 2010. ... Only a Democratic governor will be able to partner with President Obama and a Democratic House and Senate to obtain the massive federal resources necessary to revive our economy, rescue our schools and renew our infrastructure."

Hey, excellent point -- but not necessarily something that'll endear Reilly -- and the movement for a state constitutional convention -- to, say, Orange County voters.

More when we know more.

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