Proof the End is Nigh: The Hipster Snuggie

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Judging from the model's expression, maybe it should have been called the Smuggie?
​There's been much ado about the Slanket and the Snuggie, wearable blankets that look like backwards bathrobes, the most iconic of which come in Smurf blue and make the wearer look like a lazy wizard. Even the Weekly got into the craze.

Now the inevitable has come to pass. Hipster clothing purveyor, Urban Outfitters, has re-interpreted the Slanket/Snuggie to appeal to their shoppers. How do you get a jaded twenty-something marketing demographic into a throw with armholes? You decorate it with a giant Southwestern print and and slap on a hood, duh! And then you give it an awesome name: The Booty Buddy. We're not sure what The Booty Buddy does for your booty, other than keep it warm and obscure it, but we think this name was probably the result of a conversation in a board room that went something like this:

Hipster Snuggie Armageddon
​"This Snuggie thing is huge. How do we make it cool, guys? What do the kids like?"

"The booty. The kids love the booty."

In case you're still not clear on the concept the Urban Outfitters catalog spells it out for you:

It's a blanket AND an oversized, cozy poncho sure to keep you warm no matter what you're doing. Snuggle up in the Booty Buddy, with a super soft fleece lining and allover Southwestern-style print. Topped with an oversized hood, it's like the most comfortable hug ever.

So there you have it. For only $68 you can cuddle with your headless boyfriend looking like a more adorable version of Clint Eastwood.


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