Politician Assures Us Her Twitter Silence Isn't Due to Hawaiian Sojourn

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Oh the things you'll find on a politician's Facebook page...
So far, nothing on Twitter has brought us more entertainment than the Freudian adventures of Assemblywoman Fiona Ma. Whether it's boasting about a colleague's experience shoveling manure, expounding on bat feces, or chronicling the explosive diarrhea of beasts at livestock auctions, Ma reminds us that being a legislator can be a dirty job. And all in 140 characters or fewer!  

Obviously, when it comes to Twitter, Fiona Ma is No. 2! (Our top loyalties, obviously, are spoken for).

So when we noticed the other day that Ma hadn't tweeted for two weeks solid, we got nervous. Had she jetted off to Hawaii without telling anyone like another famous member of the political Twitterati?

Not quite. When Ma answered our query of whether she was in Hawaii or not, she wasn't in the middle of the Pacific Ocean but on Ocean Avenue.

As for her Twitter silence, her answer was beautiful in its simplicity: "I just haven't been doing anything really interesting lately." This is Grade-A logic. But, yes, it could spell the end of Twitter as we know it.

Indeed, Ma informs us that while she had abstained from Twitter, she'd been updating her Facebook page. Silly us. We have to get over our 20th century mores about glancing at people's Facebook pages.

After all -- how will you find photos of politicians with Santa if you don't raid their Facebook pages (the politicians', not Santa's)?

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