No One Has Driven Off Bay Bridge Today (Yet)

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A less problematic S-Curve
Following yesterday's terrifying plunge off the Bay Bridge by a speeding trucker, Caltrans wheeled out the surplus signage to inform drivers of what should have been all too obvious: The posted speed limit on the bridge isn't just a suggestion.

Your humble narrator personally witnessed a bevy of electric signs that would have brought joy to the hearts of backers of Prop. D. Heading back to San Francisco at around 11 p.m. yesterday, at least three different flashing warnings informed drivers that the speed limit was now 35 mph, and there was a dangerous S-curve a scant two miles ahead. Proceed with caution!

But will this induce drivers to, you know, slow down? That remains to be seen. Transportation experts have bandied about the idea of "rumble tape" and other measures. Can we suggest a speed bump?

Or, as we noted yesterday, would stark signage warning of the possible lethality of driving too fast be so out of line?

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