Newsom Spokesman Nathan Ballard Says His Piece, Quits

Nathan Ballard
The upside of having multiple spokesmen is that when one leaves, others can announce it. That's what happened today, when Mayor Gavin Newsom's chief spokesman, Nathan Ballard, announced he's leaving the mayor's employ.

Ballard and Newsom praised one another in a release sent moments ago by the mayor's office. Newsom described his soon-to-be former employee as "unflappable, smart, and a fierce advocate," while Ballard returned the favor by calling the mayor "a gifted leader who fearlessly tackles significant issues such as health care, the environment, education and equal rights."

No news on, ahem, why these two mutual admirers have parted company. Our calls to the mayor's press office seeking Ballard were answered by an assistant who said Ballard is not around -- and he's not sure if he's stepping down soon or has already left for good.

When we asked who we should speak to if this were a breaking story and we needed information, the assistant replied "this office." So when we then re-asked what was going on, he candidly admitted "I don't know."

Seems like old times.

Note: Per the press release, Ballard will be working for Newsom until February, 2010.

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