Newsom Continues Ignoring Local Media, But Apparently Talks to NY Times

I like you. Do you like me?
Ever since Gavin Newsom dropped out of the gubernatorial race and started his freeze on conversations with local media outlets, reporters in and around San Francisco have been moping about, writing their Newsom stories as though they were on the raw end of a bad breakup. "Mayor Gavin Newsom has been giving the media the silent treatment for 10 days now," reads one recent Examiner article. "Newsom was spotted Friday morning at City Hall, but he wouldn't come out and discuss his mysterious disappearance," reads a recent piece in the Chronicle. Can we at least drop by to pick up our stuff?

But while all we get these days are Godot-like messages from Newsom's spokesman, Nathan Ballard, making empty promises that the mayor will not talk today -- maybe tomorrow -- an article that appeared in the New York Times dated Nov. 7 suggests he is indeed conducting interviews with "the media."

The Times article is about how the city's JobsNow program is akin to public-private patronage and includes a response from Mr. M.I.A himself: "'These are real people getting real jobs,' he said in an interview," reads the article (although it doesn't reference whom Newsom was talking to and when he did so). It's possible this interaction took place before Newsom dropped out of the race and retreated to his Fortress of Solitude. Calls to the New York Times regarding the matter have not yet been returned. We hope we're not getting dumped by them, too.
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