Medjool's Rooftop Bar Appeal on Hold -- For Now

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Fun on the rooftop bar...
After it was discovered in February that the owner of the Medjool restaurant in the Mission, Gus Murad, had violated the city's zoning laws with the height of his rooftop bar (and then got away with it temporarily with a little help from his friends), Murad struck up a campaign to "Save Medjool," from the sudden wrath of the planning department.

The department showed little mercy for the Mission's favorite scofflaw -- the bar was ordered closed in April. Today's Appeals Board meeting was Murad's last chance to keep it open. But both parties apparently requested to postpone the item, and the board rescheduled for Dec. 16. Which meant that tonight's meeting hall quickly cleared out of Medjool supporters and haters alike.

At the time the bar was ordered shut, other local media reported that Murad would potentially have to pay $250 daily fines starting April 24 that will be waived if Murad wins the appeal, and collected if he doesn't. Doing the math, if Murad lost the appeal today, he will owe $52,000 -- and if he loses on the 16th, he'll owe $59,000.

But keeping the douchiest bar in San Francisco open for another month? Priceless.

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