Manute Bol-Like Man Arrested For Alleged Robbery and Extortion

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If your physique reminds people of this man, a life of strong-arm robberies is not in your future
A man with a body type particularly ill-suited for blending into a crowd was arrested Sunday for allegedly attempting to rob and extort a club promoter in North Beach.

The promoter said a pair of men he knew approached him at around 3 a.m. on Sunday and demanded compensation. Both feigned that they were carrying weapons up their sleeves -- and both were quickly apprehended when police crashed the scene. While one of the men stood 6 feet tall and weighed 200 pounds -- a bad BMI index, but not eye-catching -- his associate is listed at 6-foot-8 and a pipe-cleaner thin 175 pounds. This, according to Captain Jim Dudley of the SFPD Central Staiton, is no misprint.

"He was a real tall, skinny guy," said Dudley. "But the suspect was known to the victim. It wasn't like he was trying to pick Manute Bol out of the crowd." (for the record, at least three police officers looking over this incident spontaneously and independently made mention of Bol, a former Golden State Warrior standing 7-foot-7 and weighing a svelte 225 pounds, if that).

It seems, however, it was a banner week for intellectually challenged alleged criminals running wild in the North Beach area.

One day prior to the man with the physique of an exclamation point allegedly attempting a shakedown, a man parked his car at Sansome and Green. He noticed the unusual license plate on the black SUV next to his: "BLBUTY." Three men, one toting a gun, then robbed him of his cash and cell phone -- and fled in the black SUV with the license plate so unusual it has caught his attention previously. Those men are still at large -- but it figures that "BLBUTY" is a license number that may yet be tracked down.

"Not smart!," said Dudley. "But we'll take the charity from the not-so-smart ones."

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