Local Researchers Discover Use for PE Classes

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You'll be thanking me for this when you're grown up, kid...
A purpose for elementary school PE classes beyond dodgeball-related trauma and providing employment to sadistic instructors who unironically wear tracksuits was announced this month by researchers at U.C. San Francisco and U.C. Berkeley.

A study published in this month's edition of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine finds that children from low-income communities who regularly attend PE classes have a lower body mass index and greater cardiovascular fitness than their more sedentary peers.

The analysis of 9,268 seventh- and ninth-grade students at 19 high schools in low-income communities found the following:

  • Students who attended 20-minutes of PE classes a day or more registered significantly shorter times in the mile run and registered lower BMI scores;
  • Students who walked to school also ran faster miles;
  • Students who walk to school have a higher BMI. Huh? Researchers believe the students buy crap food en route to class.
No news on whether students who take Muni to school have BMIs going off the charts due to purchasing weed and subsequently binging on Doritos.

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