Lo, Gavin Newsom Tweets Not Once But Twice!

Audrey Fukuman
Never did we think it would become "Capital N News" that Mayor Gavin Newsom has sent out a vapid Tweet; our erstwhile mayor has punched out more than 500 Tweets this year. Having read through every last one earlier this week, let me assure you: None of them is going to be studied in school textbooks by future generations.

And yet, Newsom's legitimately bizarre behavior since he withdrew from the governor's race made the severance of his 12-day Twitter silence into newsworthy fodder for both the Chronicle and local television stations. Yet the news for Newsom's attention-starved 1,239,249 Twitter followers was even better than reported on TV. Newsom authored not one but two Tweets in the past two days; soon he may yet begin speaking in complete sentences to reporters and his colleagues in city government.

Yet if we're going to cover the ephemera of Tweets, we're going to have to really cover the ephemera -- so we'll be nit-picky and point out that neither the Chron nor TV got the story quite right. As noted above, television reports didn't catch that Newsom sent two messages instead of one. The Chron reported that both messages were sent on the same day when they came on Nov. 10 and Nov. 11. And neither reported that Newsom is still listed as "Candidate for Governor of California" in his Twitter bio.

If only there were a method of rapidly conveying short messages that Newsom could utilize to instantly inform millions of people that he's dropped out of the gubernatorial race. What a pity. 
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