It's Your Friday Morning News Quiz!

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Love! Labor! LOST! It's time for a Thanksgiving Week Friday Morning News Quiz!

1. Who is Laassad Bokri?

A. The pizzeria chef senselessly stabbed to death on Tuesday
B. The Film Commission head forced out by Gavin Newsom
C. The Bollywood star detained at SFO
D. The Giants' minor leaguer robbed at gunpoint

2. What was the word a retail expert told SF Weekly gave him the chills?

A. Liquidation
B. Rebate
C. Layaway
D. Sasquatch

3. Who did the SEIU slap on the cover of a campaign mailer sent out this week in hopes of staving off layoffs of health care workers?

A. Impoverished clinic-goers
B. ER doctors
C. Nurses
D. Gavin Newsom

Halloween Dogs 018.JPG
Joe Eskenazi
Also asked to resign...
4. Who is the Film Commission head the mayor asked to resign?

A. Julie Wolf
B. Stefanie Coyote
C. Laura Dingo
D. Lily Fox

5. This week we learned that the California Vehicle Code used to prevent people from standing in parking spots and "saving" them is also used to clamp down on what crime?

A. Jaywalking
B. Public drunkenness
C. Prostitution
D. Vandalism

6. When asked for a statement on the BART glass-shattering incident, a San Francisco cop told us:

A. "That's every hour of every day in the Mission."
B. "So?"
C. "When you get violent and drunk people, this is what happens."
D. "I'm sure [lawyer] John Burris is parachuting in to get him a nice settlement."

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