It's Your Friday Morning News Quiz!

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He's frightfully busy...
Resignations! Condemnations! Tribulations! It's your Friday morning news quiz!

1. SF Weekly broke the story this week that former Supervisor and State Senator Carole Migden did what?

A. Ran over more people
B. Cursed a former staffer out on live television
C. Opted not to run for supervisor again
D. Failed to pay taxes between 1991 and 2006

2. Just how many SEIU workers are facing pending layoffs anyway?

A. 546
B. 500
C. 45 to 100
D. Any of these

3. What was found hidden beneath a canopy of overgrown vegetation during the Doyle Drive rebuild project?

A. Jimmy Hoffa
B. A time capsule dating back to 1888
C. A plant no one had seen in the wild for 62 years
D. A suitcase containing $90,455

Tim Terrific -- Twice!
4-5. Two of these people resigned from Gavin Newsom's office this week. The others are Watergate figures. Find the resigned.

A. Howard Hunt
B. John Sirica
C. Jeb Magruder
D. Nathan Ballard
E. William Mark Felt
F. Archibald Cox
G. Rose Mary Woods
H. Kevin Ryan
I. Charles Colson
J. John Mitchell

6. Who did Mayor Gavin Newsom blame for the ongoing story about him refusing to talk to the media for two weeks?

A. Himself
B. His spokesman
C. His family
D. The media

7. Yesterday the Giants' Tim Lincecum won his second straight Cy Young Award. What is Lincecum's won-loss record over the past two years?

A. 33-12
B. 37-13
C. 39-9
D. 41-11

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