It's Your Friday Morning News Quiz!

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Angry Indians! Angry girlfriends! Angry Unions! Angry NEWS QUIZ!

A novel concept for slowing Bay Bridge traffic...
1. What was unusual about the murder charges filed this week against 34-year-old San Franciscan Kira Roueche?

A. The body of her alleged victim has never been recovered
B. Three other people were charged with killing the victim prior to blame being assigned to her
C. She is accused of beating the victim to death with a clock
D. The charges stem from an unsuccessful back-alley abortion

2. What cargo was the trucker who drove off the Bay Bridge carrying?

A. Automotive parts
B. Mattresses
C. Fruits
D. Frozen pizzas

3. The San Francisco Police Department maintains that it's illegal to possess an air gun within city limits. Why was this a shock to a Chinatown merchant selling air guns?

A. Because she'd sold an air gun to Willie Brown
B. Because she'd sold air guns to several police officers
C. Because she'd sold an air gun to the head of the San Francisco Republican Party
D. Because she'd sold an air gun to Gavin Newsom's appointments secretary

Who will keep him company?
4, 5, and 6. Hooray! Harvey Milk is going to be inducted into the California Hall of Fame this year. But he ain't going in alone. Find three more inductees.

A. Abe Vigoda
B. Sean Penn
C. Jesse Unruh
D. Carol Burnett
E. Leland Stanford
F. General John C. Fremont
G. John Madden
H. Arnold Schwarzenegger
I. Edward Teller
J. Danielle Steel
K. Upton Sinclair

7. In written correspondences with BART, a controversial contractor spelled his name how?

A. Nedar Bey
B. Nadir Bey
C. Nadeer Bey
D. Nedir Bey
E. A and D
F. B and C
G. None of these
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