iPod App Lowers Hipster Bar

For the price of a 99-cent iPhone app, this existence can be yours...
For those wishing to become "hipsters" -- scrupulously dressed young adults with strong ideas about white-person music -- but uncertain how to begin, a new iPhone/iPod application points the way.

BeVideo, which also provides iPhone guides to bankruptcy and yoga, has produced a "complete guide on how to be a hipster."

By lowering the hipster bar, this app promises to spread ironically worn cowboy shirts beyond their Mission District confines. Lacking sufficient record store jobs, they'll open stores of their own, creating a local economic renaissance, making available money for Deep Vs and Phils.

According to the app's ad copy:

"Hipster, you'll learn all the basics of the hipster lifestyle, from how to make your own skinny jeans, to how to cruise around on your hipster 1-speed, to how to perfect your hipster attitude."

The new app also includes a message board, allowing neophytes to "share your favorite lifestyle tips with other aspiring hipsters."


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