Frantic Nude Man Flags Down Cops

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Everyone's mother warned them to wear clean underwear in case you suffered an accident and hospital workers were forced to strip your clothes off. Even at five years old, most kids know you've got bigger things to worry about if you're sans pantalones in the hospital -- but it's a decent nightmare scenario as they go.

Yet a Visitacion Valley man has gone one better.The resident of the 1200 block of Sunnydale frenetically flagged down a passing police officer on Friday evening while clad in only a towel and his own blood.

The victim told police he'd been taking a shower when he heard someone knocking on the bathroom door. Thinking it was a family member, he opened the door and was immediately overpowered by three violent robbers. 

The interlopers beat and pistol-whipped the nude man, eventually making off with the luckless gent's car keys (and, presumably, his car).

No arrest has yet been made; other than the Janet Leigh treatment, this is just about the worst thing that can happen to you in the shower.

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