Fishermen, Seafood Company File $10M Suit Against Oil-Spilling Dubai Star Ship

An duck soaked with oil by the 2007 Cosco Busan spill
What happens when two incensed fisherman and a seafood company owner walk into a lawyer's office? The answer is no joke, but the intuitive -- a lawsuit. Crab fisherman Mark Russo, herring fisherman Ron Alioti, and seafood company owner Russell Robinette on Friday filed a $10 million class action suit against the leaky Dubai Star ship and the shipping firms that run it.

The defendants "were negligent and spilled toxic diesel fuel and or bunker fuel into San Francisco Bay while taking on fuel," reads the complaint, which was filed in San Francisco federal court. "Defendants, their agents, operators, and managers are strictly liable to plaintiffs for all losses of income or property damage that are proximately caused by the wrongful conduct of defendant."

The $10 million sum is the class action suit's estimation of "loss of fishing profits and related fish-processing profits." 

"Defendants are liable for all damages proximately caused by the spillage of oil into San Francisco Bay," continues the suit, "Including but not limited to cleanup costs, loss of fishing profits, loss of revenue do to affection of the oil spill to the price that crab and other seafood would have sold for in the market place but for the oil spill."

In addition to the general damages of at least $10 million, the plaintiffs are seeking yet-to-be calculated special and punitive damages, as well as cleanup costs.

Photo   |   Mila Zinkova

H/T   |   Courthouse News

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