Exhale: The Unemployment Statistics are Here!

San Francisco's unemployment rate clearly knows nothing about how to keep fans interested.

The California Employment Development Department released their most recent statistics, and let's say they're less than stimulating. The San Francisco/Marin/San Mateo Counties' collective unemployment rate was 9.3 percent in October, and that's what it was in September. Bo-riiiiiiiiiiiing. Snooze-fest. What's the saying? Everything changes but always stays the same? It's like that, except nothing changes.

San Francisco really brought it to the table, though, once you break it down. Marin's unemployment rate? A mere 8.1. San Mateo County? A scanty 9.1. San Francisco's? 9.9. BOO-YAH. The state of California whupped us all, though, with a heady 12.3. Our hat's off to you, Big Guy.

It's the Holiday Season, and you might not be able to afford gifts for your family, but that doesn't mean America isn't going to try it's damnedest to sell them to you. And that's why trade, transportation and utilities gained 300 jobs between September and October. Public and private schools gained 2,600 jobs and leisure and hospitality lost 1,500 jobs, mostly in arts, entertainment and recreation. Construction lost 400. Construction and hospitality workers: Have you considered teaching school?

Between October 2008 and October 2009, San Francisco/Marin/San Mateo lost 49,200 jobs, a decrease of 4.9 percent. That's a sobering number. That's why we're officially renaming October "Oct-sober."

How do we stack up against our neighbors, you ask, your last bitter morsel of pride stuck in your craw? (You're going to eat it later -- that's lunch!) Oakland/Fremont/Hayward Metropolitan Counties' unemployment rate was 11.5 in October, up from 11.3 in September.

Come on guys. Are we really gonna let Oakland beat us?
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