Dogs In Halloween Costumes -- We Couldn't Help Ourselves

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Halloween Dogs 012.JPG
Joe Eskenazi
Harley the boxer was a purse Chihuahua for Halloween. "Can't you tell?" queried her blue boa bedecked owner.
Really, honestly, we hadn't meant to publish a short, picture-heavy article featuring San Francisco dogs decked out in Halloween costumes. But when you begin passing one dog after another after another made up to look like a pumpkin, a shark, or J. Edgar Hoover (just kidding; every bulldog looks like J. Edgar Hoover), sooner or later you just surrender and whip out the camera.

Incidentally, the doggie above, while dressed as a purse Chihuahua, was far less noisy than most Chihuahuas I've worked with (and been worked over by).

Halloween Dogs 018.JPG
Joe Eskenazi
Hello, you
Halloween Dogs 020.JPG
Joe Eskenazi
Wiener shark!
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