Report On Google Shuttles In the City: You May Hate 'Em, But the Environment Doesn't

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Pipe down, Nimbys...
So maybe you've heard Mission and Noe Valley dwellers complaining about the huge shuttle buses huffing through their small residential streets to whisk 2,500 daily commuters away to their Silicon Valley cubicles.

Well, turns out they're not so bad, Nimbys. Thus concluded a study by the San Francisco Country Transportation Authority ordered by Supervisor Bevan Dufty (also the chairman of the SFCTA board) to examine the role of corporate shuttles in the city's transportation system.

Released last week, the 16-page report makes for rather dense holiday reading, so we've extracted some of the more interesting factoids for you:

Benefits of the regional shuttles:

  • These babies are a boon to environment: A full 63 percent of regional shuttle passengers would otherwise have driven solo to work, meaning 327,000 car trips were kept off the streets by these buggers. The shuttles emit 20 percent of the amount of pollution that would puff out of all the cars that would otherwise have driven.  Also, 28 percent of riders said they didn't even own a vehicle, meaning the shuttles may be allowing them to live car-free.
  • Boon to business: 63 percent of the shuttle passengers say they buy stuff at shops, restaurants and other businesses on the way to and from the shuttle stop that they otherwise would not frequent.
  • Boon to the riders: 92 percent of shuttle riders said they gained time to work en route to the office, and 86 percent said they gained personal time to send e-mails or sleep (Does no one read anymore?).

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