Missing 86-Year-Old Dementia Patient Found in S.F.; Unsure Where He's Been For Two Weeks

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Menlo Park's Paul McAdoo turned up safe and sound -- but no one really knows how
Yesterday we urged readers to call the cops if they saw 86-year-old Paul McAdoo of Menlo Park, a dementia patient with a yen for hopping on buses or trains and taking them to parts unknown.

Since McAdoo went missing from his Menlo Park home on Oct. 16, we weren't expecting a happy ending to this story. Elderly dementia patients who require a cane to ambulate don't fare well on the streets. So we were thrilled -- and puzzled -- when McAdoo turned up safe and sound in a Daly City convalescent home.

Details on what McAdoo has been up to for better than two weeks are sketchy; he is, after all, a dementia patient and hasn't been able to recount his travails to authorities with a high degre of coherence. But Detective Tim Brackett of the Menlo Park Police Department told SF Weekly everything he's been able to gather so far.

Early this week -- before the media had been implored to raise the hue and cry regarding McAdoo's disappearance -- a San Francisco "police agency" found the man and took him to a hospital. Again, details are sketchy -- Brackett is unsure of the hospital in question (though it's almost certainly S.F. General) and what police agency picked up McAdoo (it could be the SFPD, University of California police, Sheriff's deputies, the California Highway Patrol, etc.).

From there, McAdoo was transported to the Daly City convalescent home. At this point, a hospital employee recognized the man's picture from a media report. The Daly City cops were called, and they called the Menlo Park police -- who brought McAdoo's only living relative, 84-year-old James McAdoo. The brothers -- who have no children -- live together in a Menlo Park house.

Brackett says the reunion was joyous, and Paul McAdoo recognized his younger brother. He didn't realize that he had gone missing, however, so the momentousness of the occassion was likely confusing.

This is not the first time Paul McAdoo has turned up in odd places. He seems to enjoy wandering onto BART, SamTrans, or other public transportation and then heading off on a magical mystery tour. Some of  the time he knows who he is -- but much of the time he does not. It is unclear how he filled his days in the San Francisco area leading to his discovery, but Brackett surmises that McAdoo was "eating in soup kitchens and being taken care of."

"Clearly an 86-year-old man with dementia and no friends or family in the city -- he had to be getting some sort of help," the detective said of McAdoo, who he described as "tired but not malnourished" following his two-week sojourn. "He was clearly being fed in some fashion."

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