Cutting the Deficit: More Ways for Government to Earn Spare Bucks

We noted earlier today that, because the city is having cash-flow problems of the sort experienced by meth addicts with seven girlfriends, creative methods of earning additional revenue may become a necessity. Fortunately, this is a creative place, governed by creative people.

Take Chris Daly. With his wife and kids ensconced in Fairfield, Daly has rented out his Stevenson Street crashpad condo as a rave site. The city's making plenty of money -- and if the neighbors complain about the noise, who better to tell them to "fuck off" than Chris Daly?

Chris Daly rave.jpg
Image | Alexia Tsotsis
Playing the Daly household -- it's Slayer!

Daly's former aide and current colleague John Avalos, meanwhile, decided to take it to the street. Literally:

Avalos begging.jpg
Image | Alexia Tsotsis
What do I want? Spare change. When do I want it? Now.

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