Come For Black Friday, Stay For -- Gay Marriage?

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Last week, Lauren Smiley wrote a fascinating story about a Mexican man who specifically flew to San Francisco to participate in the Black Friday buy-a-thon in the City by the Bay.

Most San Franciscans probably wouldn't be thrilled with the impression of our city an out-of-towner gets if his or her activity here is limited to duking it out with fellow consumers to snap up a laptop at Best Buy. So, for better or for worse, some folks received an Only In San Francisco Black Friday Experience when they were hit up by petitioners gathering signatures to repeal Proposition 8 and reinstate marriage equality.

While there are those who say that tackling same-sex marriage on the 2010 ballot makes as much sense as, say, sitting in line for 36 hours to save 100 bucks on a computer, others are dead set on getting back to the ballot, ASAP.

"The idea is to keep going until it passes," said veteran political consultant Ace Smith, the media contact for the Black Friday Prop. 8 petitioners.

Well, good luck with that. And, hopefully, your Black Friday-related crowd injuries were held to a minimum.

UPDATE: Courage Campaign has since conceded that 2010 is not its year.

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