Are Payless Shoes Made From SPAM? No -- But Their Business Model Allegedly Is.

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You tell 'em Mr. Kazemi!
The artificial leather so bounteous in Payless ShoeSource footwear leads to sweaty, stinking feet. Naturally, one thinks of SPAM -- and, there you go. Lawsuit.

Actually, it wasn't like that at all -- But, yes, Payless ShoeSource is being sued in San Francisco Federal court ... over SPAM.

A man named Mohammed Kazemi is charging the footwear giant with "an especially pernicious form of marketing": the bombardment of customers' cell phones with Spam text-messages hawking their wares. Not only is this a pain in the ass, says Kazemi, a San Jose resident, but it's costing people money. Also, it forced Kazemi to read junk like this (repeatedly):

Psst ... Payless Insider, Ur the 1st to know BOGO starts today, 9/29! bUY 1get 1/2 off EVERYTHING 866 746 5923 or END3 to Opt-Out Txt fees apply Not @ Shopko
Sigh. We've come a long way since Shakespeare.

Kazemi claims he received several such messages, despite never signing up for any mailing list and repeated attempts to get Payless to stop ringing him. Over the summer, he signed up for the National Do Not Call Registry. Still, no dice.

As this is a class-action suit, anyone who received an annoying Payless text over the course of a year is eligible to hop on this bandwagon. Perhaps a group text message searching for such people is in order -- or, considering the circumstances, perhaps not.

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