And the Most Partisan District in California Is ... Compton? San Francisco Doesn't Even Crack Top-10.

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We may not be his best friend after all
San Francisco may be the national Democratic Party's ATM. But, counter-intuitively, it does not flaunt the most lopsided percentage of registered Democratic voters in the state. Or the second-highest. Or third. Or tenth.

According to the city's Department of Elections, just 56.6 percent of San Francisco's 451,861 voters are registered Democrats (it's not as if the party is sweating bullets; only 42,089 are Republicans, 8,776 are Greens, while 133,577 are "decline to state/non-partisan").

According to an interesting list of "the most partisan districts in California" in Capitol Weekly, the most Democrat-friendly realm in all the state is Assembly District 52 -- Compton -- with 70.9 percent of all registered voters aligned with the Dems. The second-most Dem-heavy district is AD 48 (Los Angeles). Three through five are: AD 46 (Huntington Park) 65.7; AD 16 (Oakland) 65.5; and AD 47 (Culver City) 64.9. 

Meanwhile, the state's Republican stronghold is AD 32 (Bakersfield) at 49.6 percent registration. The rest of that GOP top five: AD 71 (Orange County) 48.0; AD 29 (Fresno) 47.3; AD 2 (parts of nine extreme northwest counties) 46.3; and AD 4 (Placer, El Dorado, and Alpine counties) 44.6.

View a handy-dandy district map here.

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