Amid His Other Troubles, Newsom's Fantasy Football Team Tanks

You may remember a cute little story from the summer in which local mayors Gavin Newsom and Ron Dellums participated in a Yahoo fantasy football league -- with the winning mayor to receive a healthy little donation to the charity of his or her choosing.

Newsom -- and his right-hand men -- won our praise for thinking of the best name in the league (The Barbary Coast Bombers) and coming up with cool, city-related imagery for the team's Web page. But style is easier to master than substance.

Career-wise, this has worked out to be the winter of Newsom's discontent. In addition to his setbacks on the local, state, and national political stage, the city teetering on a financial abyss, and Chris Daly leaving that flaming bag of shit on the Newsoms' front porch -- The Barbary Coast Bombers have dropped three straight games.

Things were different for Newsom in Week 7 of the NFL season; he was a candidate for governor and his fantasy football team was 4-2-1. Lo, how the mighty have fallen. Even Newsom's Twitter page now acknowledges that he is no longer a gubernatorial candidate. And he has suffered a trio of ignominious defeats: a 115-72 setback to the mayor of Tampa; a 84-83 clipping by the mayor of Orlando; and this week's 96-79 pounding by Pittsburgh's mayor.

Meanwhile, across the bay, Ron Dellums' team has won four of its last five and is sitting pretty at 6-4 -- and you can afford to raise a family there.

It remains to be seen whether Newsom will be able to put his mistakes behind him and succeed in his current job. Because San Francisco has real problems -- and so do the Barbary Coast Bombers. Seriously, Robert Meachem and Percy Harvin are not satisfactory starting wideouts.

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