Alleged Violent Cheapskate Chokes Taxi Driver, Leaves 10 Bucks on the Seat

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Not far from it...
A wee-hours drunk taxi fare got the sequence wrong late last week. You're supposed to pay the cabbie before you attempt to strangle him -- not after.

The nightmare fare was picked up at Polk and Vallejo well past the bewitching hour and driven to his residence on the 100 block of Font. But at that point, he allegedly decided paying taxi drivers was not high on his priority list. The irate cabbie began driving his car toward Taraval Police Station, and the fare was not pleased.

At around 19th Avenue and Vicente, he attempted to strangle the cabbie. The driver called police, leading the panicked drunk to flee into nearby Larsen Park -- after hurriedly tossing a 10-spot on the seat.

Four police officers from Taraval were soon on the scene, and Officer Alan Lamb quickly found the drunk hiding in the park (it's not a very large park).

The fare was charged with assault and theft. No word on whether the 10 bucks was a generous amount of money or not.

We're betting on "not."

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